Friday, August 3, 2012

Commodore's America's Cup Experience

Check out Commodore Cruises & Events' 6 luxury yachts!

Commodore Cruises is offering special menus and unique beer and wine pairings, as well as private wine tastings provided by Napa Valley Vintners. The exclusive wine partner of the America's Cup World Series!

Here is your opportunity to be out on the water and view Sunday's Championship Race.  Enjoy great food & beverage aboard San Francisco Bay's Grand Dame, the Cabernet Sauvignon Commodore.  

Sunday, August 26, 2012
11:00AM Boarding at Pier 40, San Francisco
11:30PM Depart, Buffet & Bar Open
3:00PM Return to Pier 40

Dual entrées for a Buffet Lunch, Hosted Beer, Wine, and Champagne with Cocktails for purchase, and Open Sky Deck for viewing the Live Action of the Races along with Live Streaming of NBC Television coverage onboard 3 of the luxury decks. Limited seating available.
$175.00++ per person. 

Call for availability (510) 337-9000

Visit our DIRECTIONS page for driving directions and parking information to Pier 40.


August 22-26, 2012

Wed.  1:00PM Match races

Thur.  2:10PM Fleet Races 1&2

Fri.     2:10PM Fleet Races 3&4

Sat.    2:10PM Fleet Races 5&6          3:10PM Match race Semi final           4:20PM Match race Final (1 race)

Sun.   12:25PM Final Fleet Race 7          1:00PM Celebrity Pro-Am

Call and book the best seats on the water for your private viewing of the racing action live with the option of private wine tasting from Vitners from the Napa Valley. 510-337-9000

Friday, June 1, 2012

Do You Want To Live In A Floating Ocean Community?

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats.” --Kenneth Grahame

By their nature, people seek adventure. The drive to escape the status quo opened the American frontier, sent man to the moon, and has led to countless ocean expeditions for the purpose of charting new territory, exploring the depths of the seafloor, vacationing, and more. The Seasteading Institute was founded on the premise that these temporary voyages have just begun to tap into the bounty of the oceans; it seeks to enable a new cohort of seafaring pioneers to establish permanent communities in international waters, to experiment with new ideas for innovative and sustainable governmental systems.

But why would anyone want to colonize the ocean when there’s so much open space on land? First, as those who have experienced a taste of life at seas can attest, the vast blue landscape calms and mesmerizes -- unlike on land, everyone gets a seaside view! Second, residents of floating vessels have substantial autonomy, including the ability to relocate with much greater ease than on land. The seasteading community envisions a future in which floating mega-cities made up of detachable, or “modular,” buildings enable the formation, reshaping, and replication of the best ideas for organizing society. The ocean clearly has much to offer, whether one is looking to dine and relax on a brief cruise or build a permanent platform for advancing humanity.

Given the audacity of this vision, The Seasteading Institute is trying to break down the major legal, business, and engineering challenges into smaller “incremental” steps, which can be solved by entrepreneurs using existing technology. Since its founding in 2008, the Institute has produced hundreds of pages of research and built a community of thousands of people around the world. This leveraged approach will stimulate development of numerous seasteading businesses in the next few years. One such business is the Blueseed Project, a for-profit spin-off of the Institute, which will provide opportunities for foreign tech entrepreneurs who can’t get immigration visas to lease space on a retrofitted cruise ship 12 miles from Silicon Valley. These ventures will prove that permanent living on the ocean is not just possible, but sustainable -- technologically, legally, and financially.

Once the major challenges have been overcome, an increasing number of people will opt for the seasteading way of life, creating demand for real estate aboard ever-larger ships, small floating platforms, and eventually, full-fledged cities on the ocean. If you are interested in participating in this grand vision for advancing humanity, you can sign up to receive a semi-monthly newsletter at, or support the Institute by becoming a member.

Written by: Charlie Deist, Staff Writer/Administrative Associate at

Thursday, May 10, 2012

75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge

Here at Commodore we are getting ready to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Our Bay Area dinner cruises would not be the same without the view of San Francisco's most recognizable landmark.  We plan to honor the bridge with a public yacht party that includes white glove service and a gourmet dinner.  Our on renowned DJ will provide all your dining and dancing music for the evening.  You will have the best seat in the Bay to view the bridge and the city skyline.   At 9:30PM our Captain will be nestled in an ideal location on the Bay for all of our guests to view the spectacular fireworks display in honor of the Bridge's Anniversary.  We are also posting on our Pinterest unique ways you can pay tribute to the historic site at your private Commodore Event. 

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

6:45PM Boarding
7:00PM Departing & Buffet Open
9:30PM Fireworks
10:45PM Disembark

*Please note that a no host bar will be available during the cruise

To purchase tickets please visit our website at

Did you know that construction for the Golden Gate Bridge began January 5, 1933 and was completed for the Grand Opening on May 27, 1937?  The bridge connected the 6,700ft strait between San Francisco and Marin County, which was previously only reached by ferry.  For the opening, 200,000 people crossed the bridge on foot the day before vehicle traffic was allowed.  This same event was recreated May 1987 for the 50th anniversary.  This time it attracted an astounding 1,000,000 people.  An ineffective crowd control allowed 300,000 people on the bridge all at once, causing the center part of the bridge to flatten out under the weight.  Due to this occurrence, bridge officials have stated that this event won't be considered for the 75th anniversary.  So what better way to celebrate the Golden Gate by enjoying its spectacular views from the water with dinner, drinks, and music.  Learn how you can be a part of this momentous occasion by visiting our website at... 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prom Season

It’s that time of year again, Prom Season!  Let the planning begin.  With all the details you have to think about where do you start?! Here at Commodore Cruises we would like to help you with that.  We are happy to provide you with free inspiration on our Pinterest page, as well as, great vendors that we know and trust to provide you with a once in a life time experience. 

First you need a venue:  there are places in the city, gyms, and theme parks, but not many people can say they spent their Prom partying on a luxury yacht on the San Francisco Bay.  Whether you have a large junior or senior class, or a small one, we have an entire fleet that we can walk you through to provide you with the best experience for your Bay Area cruise. 

Our Commodore family is ready to assist you with all of your party boat needs. The next most important thing after the venue is what you are going to wear.  Tons of pictures by your parents and friends are going to be taken all night, so you want to make sure you have the best outfit.  On our Pinterest page we have lots of options in dress styles, tux looks, and hairstyles.   We even have some creative suggestions on how to ask a date to Prom. 


At Prom there are a lot of different options to customize for a theme or to represent your school.  Our Prom Event Coordinator, Brienne, has a wide variety of dessert options she can discuss with you to make your menu unique.  Some great options she has done in the past include: school colored cake pops, chocolate fountains, and a mascot themed cake.  She also has some great suggestions for fun add-ons like a photo booth or henna artist.

What is Prom without dancing and music?  Each yacht has at least one dance floor and state of the art sound systems with iPod and CD capability.  If it is in your budget to upgrade to a DJ, we can recommend DJ’s that we work with on a regular basis that we know are not just someone’s relative with an outdated play list.  They are DJs that will make sure your Prom’s playlist will be the newest top hits.

 Not convinced yet, call us today to schedule a private viewing of our yachts at (510) 337-9000.  Learn more about us on our website at or on our Facebook.  We look forward to helping you celebrate.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The One Year Anniversary of the Royal Wedding

This Sunday marks the one year anniversary of the royal wedding.  So this week we would love to honor the Duke and Duchess by giving our Commodore Cruises Brides and Grooms ideas of how you can give your weddings the royal treatment aboard our yachts. 

How could we forget Duchess Catherine’s dress?!  Her infamous dress immediately sparked a new world wide trend in fashion that brought more classic lines, sleeves and lots of lace back to wedding dresses.  We have a wide variety of dresses that have incorporated these trends featured on our pinterest.  And who could forget that train, not traditionally as long as former royal brides, but enough to still command attention.

This wedding was very traditional per the Queen’s specifications, but the young couple managed to put a lot of their own spin on things.  For instance, who says the bride is the only one who can wear white, as shown by Duchess Catherine’s sister, Pipa, who entered in a show stopping white dress of her own.  Even all the flower girls were wearing white.  What ideas of your own can you bring to make your Commodore wedding unique to you and your future spouse?  Some of our past couples have made their mark by getting married by the Captain, releasing doves, and using oars or life rings to be signed as their guest book.  Each one of our yachts offers a different look and feel that can cater to all different kinds of themes.  More ideas can be viewed on our pinterest or our wedding coordinator Christina would be happy to discuss some of the things we have tried on our vessels. 

After the ceremony, the newly married royal couple had their elegant exit by horse and carriage.  Mariners Square leading up to your Bay Area wedding cruise makes for a dramatic entrance or exit by horse drawn carriage.  Our preferred horse and carriage vendor is budget friendly and could be that great addition to really give your entrance the regal treatment. Make sure to speak with our Wedding Coordinator about this opportunity.

As the Duke and Duchess look back on their first year of marriage and reflect we want to thank them for all of their wedding inspiration they have given us over this last year.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Celebrate Your #1 Fan!

Mothers have the hardest and most rewarding job in the world.  They are always there to pick us up when we fall, push us to challenge ourselves, inspire us to inspire the world, teach us to be humble, and believe in the person that we become... they are our number one fan.  So, with Mother's Day right around the corner, it only seems fitting to reflect on the many ways we can tell and show mom how much we love and appreciate her!

I'm sure we have all given her flowers, made her breakfast in bed, or one of my favorites, given her a spa day, but why not change it up this year?  Add something unique to your Mother's Day tradition and take mom out for a Champagne Brunch aboard a Luxury Yacht that cruises San Francisco Bay!  It's the perfect surprise for mom, family, and friends!  Bring your handmade cards, presents, and flowers aboard and spoil her in a way she will never forget!  Get some gift ideas on our Mother's Day Pinterest Board!

DIY Tote

DIY Body Scrub

DIY Hand Print Picture

We want to know what you all think... what are some of your favorite Mother's Day traditions?
Mother's Day Brunch Cruise 2011

You can find out more and purchase tickets for our Mother's Day Brunch Cruise here:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Clippers Have Arrived!

Did you know that you can become a part of the crew and sail in a race on a Clipper Yacht? It’s called the Clipper Round the World Race!

Commodore’s Cruise Director vicariously lives her dream to one day sail around the world in a race on a Clipper Yacht! Commodore Cruises & Events is looking forward to sharing in the celebration of this amazing feat as we board for a private cruise with excited fans and supporters of the competing yacht, “De Lage Landen.” The ten participating yachts will re-launch from Jack London Square in Oakland during the “Strictly Sail Pacific” and “Pacific Power Boat Expo” on April 14th to take on their next to last leg of the race!  

De Lage Landen
The amazing thing about this race is that anyone can participate, yes anyone!  It’s the only race in the world that you will find nurses, taxi drivers, bakers, housewives, chief executives and more, all working together with the common goal of having the most points when pulling into the final port, Den Helder, Netherlands after sailing 40,000 miles of ocean.  This race is just short of a yearlong, consists of 15 individual races, and visits 13 countries along the way.  Can you imagine being one of the 450 (give or take) crew members that get to participate in this amazing event?  What a life changing experience! 

Ten identical, 68 foot, stripped yachts have sailed into our backyard to rest up before they finish out their journey around the globe. The first to arrive in Oakland on March 30th was the Gold Coast Australia!  Over the next few days, they were followed by the rest of the Clipper fleet. 
A few of the Clipper Yachts!  If you look closely, you can see our yachts  across the estuary!  
Inspired by the crew’s stories of perseverance as they braved every kind of weather out on the great blue sea, Commodore’s Cruise Director, Trisha Lees, looks forward to being on board the Commodore Yacht, Fume Blanc, as they escort the team out of the San Francisco Bay.  Trisha shares, “As an enthusiastic follower of their crew diaries and whereabouts across the globe, I was impatiently waiting Sunday to watch the Edinburgh Inspiring Capital make their way to Jack London Square, where they were welcomed by cheering fans and of course, bagpipes!  Watching the dedicated crew sail in with smiles on their faces and seeing them put feet on the ground for the first time in four weeks was such a site to see!  Since I will not have the opportunity to be one of those 450 crew members any time in the near future, I look forward to being able to cheer on and watch in awe as the De Lage Landen and the rest of the fleet take on the final two legs of their journey. It is going to be brilliant!”